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Experts called a cause of death of a star of movies about Austin Pauers

Pathologists provided the report on opening Verna Troyera in which also stand-up comedian is told about a cause of death of the famous actor, stuntman. As experts note, the actor who became popular thanks to a role Mini-We in movies about Austin Pauers died because of alcoholic intoxication. The TMZ portal notes that the actor throughout the long period of time suffered from alcohol addiction because of what it several times had to undergo treatment. Troyer died in April, 2018 at the age of 49 years. For several weeks before it was hospitalized in hospital and connected to a life support system. Let's remind, Vern Troyer was fallen in love to the audience after movies "Austin Pauers, "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone", "Guy from a Bubble", "Men in black", "Grinch — the Thief Rozhdestva". Photo: Google.Images to Share: alcohol верн troyer mini-we Austin пауэрс cause of death