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Experts called professions in Russia which owners will be able to save up for housing

The Moscow analysts have made the list of professions which will allow Russians to save quicker the capital or to get the apartment. As reports the MIR24 edition with reference to a research, capital experts have carried out the analysis of the real estate markets and the sizes of salaries in 15 cities of Russia in which more than one million people live. The average sizes of income of people of the determined profession and the cost of housing in each concrete city were taken as a basis. It has turned out that the greatest chances to save up for purchase of the apartment are available for drivers from Chelyabinsk. Results of a research have shown that for acquisition of housing they will need about four years. On purchase of the real estate from drivers from Krasnoyarsk, Perm, Volgograd, Voronezh and Omsk, according to the estimates of analysts, about five-six years will leave. However representatives of other professions in this city should spend slightly more time for purchase of the apartment. So, doctors will be able to get in property housing only about five years of work later. At nurses on it from 12 to 16 years will leave. The Chelyabinsk engineers were lucky a little more. As experts specify, experts in this area are capable to save up for the apartment in six years of work. In Yekaterinburg purchase of housing by the engineer can drag on for nine years. In Kazan – on ten. It is the most difficult to get the residential real estate will be to sellers and teachers. Analysts are convinced that the employee of shop for purchase of own apartment should save money from salary for 17 years. At teachers on the solution of a housing question from 15 to 23 years will leave. Results of a research have also shown what on acquisition of the apartment in Moscow at Russians will leave much more time, than in other million-plus cities. Worst of all it is necessary to workers of the sphere of trade. So, the ordinary seller working in the capital won't be able to buy the Moscow housing earlier, than in 26 years of work. The nurse will also spend nearly a quarter of the century for accumulation. The junior medical staff, by results of a research, will work about 23 years before purchase. The teacher or the engineer from Moscow will be able to buy the apartment approximately in 15 years of work. And most quicker to get housing in the capital, as well as in Chelyabinsk, drivers will be able. In Moscow for this purpose they will need about 11 years. And not to spend such large number of time and to make purchase of a dream already in the near future or just to learn something new, you can use services of the Moscow institute in professional development and professional retraining of специалистоâ Photo: VSE42.Ru to Share: housing apartment purchase profession