Date: 10 months ago   Category: Science

Experts have convicted Google of shadowing all users

Google services on iPhone and Android devices constantly watch users, even at the history of locations which is disconnected in settings. Experts of Associated Press (AP) have come to such conclusion. It is noted that conclusions of the agency were confirmed by researchers from Princeton University. On the page of support of Google it is specified that the users who weren't giving such consent to use by the application of a geolocation "block access to data on location for all applications". However results of researches of AP have shown that this information isn't true. It has become clear that after users switch off history of movements, but don't change control of history of applications and web search, some Google services continue to keep data on location. For example, it occurs when the user opens Google Maps, the searcher or the weather appendix on Android. Photo: Google Images Share: Google geolocation application service shadowing