Date: 9 months ago   Category: Science

Experts have found new vulnerability in an operating system of Apple

The expert in the field of applications programming Thomas Read has written in the blog that in the macOS operating system there is a serious vulnerability which is very dangerous. The man has explained that he managed to find the fact that already installed applications aren't checked by a security system, unlike just loaded. After installation the program automatically is located in the list of reliable. Read has noted that in order that to malefactors to get access to someone else's computer, they need to put a malicious code in the appendices existing on the computer only. – It is possible to take easily the official application which is already established in system, without causing any verification of the signature of a code. Worst of all, that most of developers don't know about it and don't add own checks, – the man has commented. As report Izvestia, only macOS developers can correct this shortcoming. For this purpose they need to add a feature for frequent verifications of applications. Photo: Google.Images to Share: MacOS Apple vulnerability