Date: 9 months ago   Category: Society

Experts have specified the ignition reason in the Kemerovo "Winter cherry"

Two examinations have confirmed earlier put forward version that the fire in the Kemerovo shopping center has arisen because of faulty lamps. At once two examinations, one of which independent, have confirmed that "Winter cherry" has lit up because of the LED lamp on the fourth floor. So, the Research center of examination of the fires of the GPS Emercom of Russia St. Petersburg university has found out that as a technical cause of the fire fire as a result of emergency operation of operation of the LED lamp set over a porolonovy hole of the trampoline center "Graffiti" on the fourth floor has served. At the same time there was a falling of the burning polymeric weight in a hole of the trampoline center. – Isolation of conductors and also polycarbonate of which the lamp case has been made could act as combustible materials, – I have added a source of TASS. Examination has shown that porolonovy cubes in the pool are capable to burn out completely in five minutes. Below fire has spread to the floor with a lightning speed because of cables under a ceiling of the third floor. At the same time the exact reason of ignition of the lamp didn't manage to be established. Experts put forward two versions. It agrees the first of them, light elements have lit up because of the wrong installation and short circuit. On the second – thawed snow from a roof has got to the lamp. Before "Bureau of independent examinations" reported that for prevention of risk of short circuit all links have to be protected by automatic switches, however protection hasn't worked. On records from cameras it is visible that lamps continue to shine after the beginning of the fire. One is known precisely: surveillance cameras have recorded falling to the dry pool of the burning masses then there was smoke. Photo: VSE42.Ru to Share: Winter Kemerovo cherry fire cause of the fire examination experts