Date: 8 months ago   Category: Society

Experts of fashion have criticized new style of the resident of Kemerovo Elena Malysheva

According to stylists, the famous native of the capital of Kuzbass excessively tries to look younger for the years. Besides, experts of fashion haven't approved new clothes of the TV host. Elena Malysheva has published the new style in Instagram recently and has asked whether there are her clothes. And if among fans she has found approval, then stylists were much more strict judges. – Trousers the leader has put on "unsuccessful". If they were narrower and short, is a little higher than ankles, it perfectly would emphasize a waist of the actress, and her legs would seem longer that now, unfortunately, doesn't occur, – the head of Viplash Group and the stylist of the international level Tatyana Nikonorova has reported. Earlier the editorial office VSE42.Ru wrote that the host of the program "It Is Exciting to Live!" has decided to change cardinally image and has ceased to wear dresses. Photo: Google.Images to Share: leader of Kemerovo Malysheva style television