Date: 7 months ago   Category: Society

Families of the dead at the fire in Zimnyaya vishnya shopping Center in Kemerovo have received 7 million rubles

The general amount of payments to families of the dead at the fire which has happened in the Kemerovo Zimnyaya vishnya shopping Center on March 25, 2018 was 7 million rubles counting on each family. The deputy governor of the Kemerovo region Igor Malakhov at the session of regional council of People's Deputies of the region has reported about it. Thus, 420 million rubles are directed to payments to families of the dead of all. Federal and regional budgets and also donations and means from the Conditerous Côme company which possessed a part of squares of shopping center became a financing source in this case. Besides, the people who were injured at the fire have also received payments – 400 or 800 thousand rubles everyone depending on weight of harm to health. Photo: VSE42.Ru to Share: payments Winter Kemerovo cherry dead