Date: 7 months ago   Category: Economy

FAS called economy of the Russian Federation semi-feudal

The head of the FAS Igor Artemyev has characterized the Russian economy as backward and semi-feudal. – Our economy in many respects remains backward, semi-feudal, especially in undeveloped regions, the competition there and doesn't smell, – he has told in an interview to Kommersant. According to the official, it is a consequence of creation of "state-monopoly capitalism", mergings of business and the power. He has added that this problem in Russia remains for a long time. According to Artemyev, the state companies of the Russian Federation and natural monopolies need to be transferred to other operating mode, and in some cases – to divide. The head of the FAS has added that strengthening of a public sector recently, especially in bank and industrial spheres, was promoted by sanctions of the USA and the European Union. Photo: Google.Images to Share: Igor Artemyev of FAS