Date: 8 months ago   Category: Society

Fight against illicit trafficking in medical alcohol will be toughened in the Russian Federation

Federal Service for Alcohol Market Regulation (RAR) plans to strengthen and toughen fight against illegal turnover of medical ethyl alcohol. The authorities of the Russian Federation intend to toughen punishment for illicit trafficking in medical alcohol, the head of department Igor Alyoshin has reported to RIA Novosti. Except withdrawal of the transport transporting a pharmsubstantion and capacities for transportation, RAR suggests to forbid a free turn of alcohol-containing anti-septic tanks. The head of department recognized that at the market there is still illegal turn of alcoholic substitutes, cheap alcohol-containing household means and medical tinctures like "Hawthorn" which was remembered to Russians by mass poisoning in the Irkutsk region in December, 2016. We will remind, then 123 persons have suffered from alcohol-containing liquid in total, 78 of them have died. Photo: Google.Images to Share: hawthorn liquid medical alcohol punishment illicit trafficking responsibility ethanol