Date: 8 months ago   Category: Science

Filters of cigarettes are recognized as the most widespread pollutant of the World Ocean

Ecologists have found out that cigarette filters the most widespread and toxic garbage in the World Ocean. Annually in the world about 5,5 trillion cigarettes with the plastic filter are produced. That it has decayed in the habitat, decades are required, authors of the publication of the website Business Insider claim. It is noted that cigarette filters which are produced from a small amount of plastic and acetate of cellulose make the most part of garbage in the seas and oceans. Scientists have found traces of chemical compounds from cigarette filters approximately in 70% of sea birds and about 30% of sea turtles. Also fishes have been also poisoned by them. According to Nick Mallos from the Trash Free Seas company ("The sea, clean from garbage") precisely to define how filters from cigarettes influence water and sea inhabitants, more researches are necessary. But absolutely precisely, this type of the garbage made by the person – one of the most widespread in the World Ocean, writes Photo: Google.Images to Share: pollution World Ocean garbage of plasticity of a cigarette filter cellulose ecology