Date: 9 months ago   Category: Incidents

Fokusnitsa has stolen earrings from the pensioner from JAO in the unusual way

The female resident of Obluchensky district in the Jewish Autonomous Region has lost gold jewelry for the sum of 30 thousand rubles. The pseudo-healer has deceived the 59-year-old woman by means of focus with disappearance. As reports to EAOMedia news Agency, the ill-minded woman has called a door to the grandmother and has asked waters. Having passed to the apartment, the swindler has said to the victim that the last is allegedly sick, and "the kind healer" is ready to help the woman to get rid of an illness for nothing. The swindler has asked for the pensioner to provide gold jewelry for holding a mystical ritual for a while. The grandmother has given to the pseudo-healer of an earring and a chain. The ill-minded woman in the face of the woman has read special "spell" and has wrapped jewelry in a scarf and a shirt which I have tied on 15 knots. After that the swindler has left, having forbidden the hostess of the apartment to untie fabric within 24 hours for full healing from a disease. After a while the pensioner has come round, has untied a shirt with a scarf and has found out that she in nothing isn't present. The deceived woman at once has reported the matter to police. Photo: google.images to Share: JAO theft fraud focus