Date: 8 months ago   Category: Culture

For the aid to the first-year student: in KEMGMU the School of the Tutor project is started

In March of this year the results of the All-Russian competition of youth projects have been summed up. By his results activists of student council of the Kemerovo state medical university have won a grant on implementation of the School of the Tutor project which has collected from September 28 to September 30 in the city of Kemerovo of 150 medical students. Creation of the unique educational platform for training of tutors of student's academic groups of medical and pharmaceutical schools of Siberian Federal District became the purpose of the project. The tutor is a personal mentor, he helps first-year students to adapt with educational institution, supports aspiration to study and independence, helps to solve organizational problems, to come into contacts. The tutor has to be able to distribute the duties correctly to manage to capture all wards. In three days of work of school there have taken place 8 master classes where tutors were loaded with energy not only for study, but also for active work with first-year students of the universities. Six experts shared knowledge of "Time-management", of the main qualities of the real leader. Tutors have learned about that how many people are necessary for implementation of the most courageous project how to fall in love with the voice, to cope with nervousness during the public speech and many other things. On a master class "Team building" participants of school have received key skills for creation of trainings on unity of team and have understood typology of roles in group. And on "Medical ethics" have analyzed provisions of "The ethical code of the student of medical school". After completion of master classes medical students have participated in an interactive game in a quest format during which have set the gained knowledge and abilities. The participant of "School of tutors" the student of KEMGMU Tatyana Bykova has shared impressions: "School of tutors – very useful project for children who would like further to help to adapt to the former school students in higher education institution. For these days many trainings which have made a contribution to my personal development have been provided. I have increased the knowledge in psychology, in public statements. Especially time – and ivent – management were interesting to me. The most useful training was on oratory because as it has appeared, many of us have problems with the speech. I am very glad that has decided to go to school of tutors, and, I hope that it will work further". What's next? Right after school children will get to work at the universities, will tell first-year students about subtleties of student's life and will pass together with them the first steps in the difficult, but interesting world of medicine. To share: As advertizing