Date: 6 months ago   Category: Incidents

Four brawlers have crushed several cafe in Kuzbass

Per day in Novokuznetsk to law enforcement officers several messages that in institutions of public catering unknown suited disorders have arrived. So, the first signal "alarm" has arrived from cafe on Mira Street. To the place of there have arrived Rosgvardiya's fighters and have detained the 50-year-old drunk resident of Novokuznetsk. The personnel of an institution have reported that the man has made scandal as he was dissatisfied with service. In the evening of the same day locals of 28 and 48 years have also arranged disorder in public caterings of the Factory area. Law enforcement officers have detained malefactors and have reported to police for further trial. At night Rosgvardiya's fighters also didn't manage to have a rest – from cafe on Kosygin Street the signal "alarm" has arrived. The aggressive client obscenely handled signs of intoxication to the waiter and tried to fight with him. The brawler was also transferred to police for clarification of all circumstances of an incident. Photo: VSE42.Ru to Share: brawler fight of Rosgvardiya Novokuznetsk cafe