Date: 5 months ago   Category: Incidents

Four persons have died in Australia because of the car which has broken in the desert

Bodies of four people among which there was a baby have been found in a heathland of Australia. All of them have died from dehydration at a 40-degree heat. As reports Daily Mail, the car of 19-year-old newlyweds has broken in the middle of the deserted desert through which they passed. Mobile communication in that area was also inaccessible. Spouses together have tried to reach by the baby and their 12-year-old acquaintance a civilization, however they didn't manage it. Corpses have been found on Wednesday, November 7, in 4,5 km from the abandoned car. The body of the boy was found in 120 places from three others only next day. Forensic scientists consider that the wearisome heat, thirst and hunger became causes of death of Australians. After breakage of the car they wandered at least five days. Now police officers survey the territory. Investigation continues. Photo: google.images to Share: Australia a heat the car have died the desert