Date: 5 months ago   Category: Society

Freddie Mercury's beloved will receive more than 60 million dollars for "The Bohemian rhapsody"

British Mary Austin, the common-law wife of the soloist of Queen Freddie Mercury, will receive about 65 million dollars, thanks to success of the movie "Bohemian Rhapsody". Bohemian Rhapsody collected more than 800 million dollars in a world hire. Also the picture was conferred the award Golden Globe in a "best movie" nomination. The wave of success brought the real condition of the former beloved of the soloist of Queen Mary Austin whom Freddie Mercury called the common-law wife and bequeathed a half of the state, Mirror reports. Let's note that Austin which now 67 years, did not take part in creation of the movie about Queen. Photo: pixabay to Share: Queen Bohemian rhapsody state movie