Date: 5 months ago   Category: Culture

Garik Sukachyov told about advantage for rappers of the bans of their concerts

The musician Garik Sukachyov said that he will lock concerts of some hip-hop of performers – the positive phenomenon for rappers. Thus, the rocker commented on information on cancellation of performances Huskies, Eldzhey and Krid. Concerts of musicians cancelled in several regions of the country at once. – On the basis of own life experience I can tell you that there is nothing finer for the musician, than the ban of its concerts. Of course, concerts will be more, more public will involve creativity. And further – business in them, they will perfectly do the part or not, – Sukachyov noted. Also the rocker told that he did not even know about some musicians, and heard their names only after news about the ban to hold events. Garik Sukachyov emphasized that earlier to musicians concerts because of the policy of the state forbade to play, but at the moment such activity of the power is not carried out. He is also sure that the events are only "single manifestations", TASS writes. Photo: TASS to Share: concerts culture music cancellation of concerts rappers Sukachyov