Date: 10 months ago   Category: Culture

Germany plans to restore the Berlin wall

Germany wants to construct the copy of the Berlin wall which divided Germany and the GDR earlier in the center of the capital. The wall will be an art object which will be created by group of artists. Plan to begin implementation of the project in the middle of October. Construction will last four weeks. It is supposed that the exhibition will attract up to 3000 tourists a day. The entrance will cost 15 euros. At an entrance to the zone enclosed with the Berlin wall will take away smartphones from visitors, exchanging them for phones with individual excursion routes. Thanks to these gadgets tourists will be able to watch documentaries and also to visit exhibitions and concerts. As report Izvestia, authors of the project want to achieve immersion in the atmosphere of other country that guests have understood what means to lose feeling of freedom. Photo: Google.Images to Share: Berlin wall of the GDR Germany tourism of Germany excursion