Date: 6 months ago   Category: Economy

Hackers arranged mass mailing of letters with a virus to the Russian banks

The Russian banks since the beginning of September received more than 11 thousand letters allegedly from various state structures with malicious applications, TASS with reference to the report of Group-IB reports. Mass mailing began on September 11 and went waves. Peaks was are registered on September 24 and 27 – 729 and 620 letters. Malefactors became more active in December – in the first days of month 784 letters were sent. In all letters there was a Trojan RTM program created for theft of money through services of bank service and payment service providers. According to the experts, one successful attack by means of this trojan brings to hackers about one million rubles. In Group-IB specified that mailings continue still. How many means malefactors managed to steal, it is not specified. Photo: Google.Images to Share: banks trojan hackers