Date: 2 months ago   Category: Science

Hackers used vulnerability in the register of Roskomnadzor for an attack on "Yandex"

Vulnerability of the mechanism of blocking of the websites of Roskomnadzor made possible an attack on "Yandex" and other Russian Internet holdings. An attack on the Russian resources happened a few days ago. The malefactor owning the domain in "black list" connected it with the IP addresses chosen as the purposes, and they were also included in the register of the forbidden information. As a result large providers began to pass all traffic to the attacked websites through the systems of deep filtration that reduced access speed. A number of small operators just closed access to the IP addresses. – It is operation of the existing shortcomings of the mechanism of application of the list of blocking. Any company and any website, not only "Yandex" can suffer from similar actions, – the representative of the company told RBC. The source of the edition notes that "Yandex" reflected the attack within several days that remained noticed by users. Some media became the purposes of hackers also. Photo: to Share: Roskomnadzor hackers of Yandex