Date: 10 months ago   Category: Society

"Hare" - the resident of Kemerovo has fought with the conductor of the bus

The day before in Kemerovo an incident – the man has occurred, being drunk, has tried to pass "hare" in the bus. As a result between the local and the controller there was a conflict. Residents of Kemerovo have filmed as the man has run out from the bus going along a route No. 51 and has tried to disappear, but has been grabbed. At the same time the citizen tried to beat off the driver and the conductor. – I wanted to pass free of charge, as a result of him have begun to expel, and at an exit he has broken glass, and have caught up with him, – one of the eyewitness of incident has told. Besides, residents of Kemerovo have noted that the citizen not once disturbed the public peace – shouted at passersby, used foul language, behaved inadequately. Now his future is unknown. Photo: social networks to Share: bus alcohol fight of Kemerovo man of a photo