Date: 9 months ago   Category: Science

Has explained to Apple the high cost of the new range iPhone

Tim Cook has explained why the cost of new IPhones such high. According to the executive director of Apple, gadgets can replace all equipment, necessary for work. Cook has noted that smartphones are the "most advanced" even for the Apple company, has reported 360 channel. – We have understood that people want to have the most innovative product. The smartphone has replaced your digital camera, you don't need any more separate. He has replaced your video camera, a musical player. He has replaced all these different gadgets. And it is quite possible, the smartphone began to mean really much, – he has told. We will remind, the cost of a new line of smartphones of Apple varies from 65 thousand rubles to 96 990 rubles. At the same time phone for 65 thousand rubles is positioned by the company as budgetary. Photo: Google.Images to Share: Apple iPhone novelty price