Date: 9 months ago   Category: Society

Has explained to NASA need of America for space troops

The director of NASA Jim Braydenstayn has told journalists as creation of military space forces will help the USA. He has said that America needs VKS because of "existential" threats. According to Braydenstayn, the new branch of armed forces is necessary for maintenance of operability of power and banking systems at emergency situations. – Each bank operation demands synchronization with the satellite. In other words, if there is no GPS, in the USA there will be no banking system. It becomes existential threat, – Washington Examiner cites words of Braydenstayn. He has added that other fields of activity, such as power, communication and navigation depend on GPS systems also. Braydenstayn has emphasized that he though supports the decision of the country leaders on creation of special space forces, NASA isn't involved in process. We will remind that in the middle of June it became known of the beginning of creation of VKS of the USA. Photo: google.images to Share: VKS military satellites of the USA