Date: 9 months ago   Category: Culture

Has made to Nitsy scandal on air of the Ukrainian TV because of use of Russian

The Ukrainian writer Larisa Nitsoy is again dissatisfied with use of Russian in the territory of Ukraine. This time it wasn't pleasant to the woman that the TV host Diana Panchenko on the air used nonnative language. The angered Nitsoy has made scandal and has left studio. As reports to RIA Novosti, the writer has come to the Big Tuesday program where rudely I have criticized the leader for the fact that she conducts air in Russian. At the same time Nitsoy has added that Panchenko doesn't carry out the decision of the Constitutional court that can provoke initiation of legal proceedings. The leader we will remind that about 80% of air of the channel carry out in Ukrainian, however by inquiries of TV viewers a part of air is held in Russian. Also Diana Panchenko has noted that Nitsoy has no right to dictate as to the girl to keep this project. During altercations in studio there was a deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Nestor Shufrych who has said that the writer misleads people as no judgment forbidding Russian on TV existed. Without having achieved the desirable, the Ukrainian writer has left studio. We will remind, earlier Russian was forbidden in the Lviv region, however this law doesn't extend to all territory of Ukraine. Photo: Google.Images to Share: video of nitsy Russky yazyk TV air