Date: 5 months ago   Category: Society

Has told Roskachestvo how to choose pelmeni

In department we intend to test samples of pelmeni which are on sale in shops, Rossiyskaya Gazeta writes. Experts Roskachestva conduct now a research of pelmeni for now in laboratories they are tested in 50 various parameters, in department have told what have to be ideal pelmeni. As a part of good pelmeni there have to be only seven ingredients: forcemeat, onions, salt, pepper, flour, water and eggs. Starch, cellulose and soy in structure shouldn't be. Pelmeni are divided into five categories, depending on the content of meat. In pelmeni of category "A" there have to be not less than 80% of meat, and for category "D" norm are 20%. Other part is onions and an animal offal. Have to be stored pelmeni at a temperature of 18 °C, their expiration date makes no more than six months. Photo: Google.images to Share: meat pelmeni roskachestvo