Date: 6 months ago   Category: Society

Have offered Russians one and a half million rubles for moving to Switzerland

The authorities of the Swiss village of Albinen have promised to pay nearly one and a half million rubles to everyone who will agree to move there. Now only 240 people live in the village of Albinen, Medialeaks writes. The administration has decided to save the settlement from extinction by involvement of inhabitants. The authorities have offered new peasants 25 thousand Swiss francs for moving. Families with children will also receive surcharge in 500 thousand rubles for each child. The program works for people 45 years aren't more senior. Besides, new inhabitants have to construct or buy the real estate worth not lower than 200 thousand francs in Albinen. It is necessary to live in the village not less than ten years, otherwise money should be returned back. Photo: Google Images Share: альбинен money moving Switzerland