Date: 8 months ago   Category: Economy

Have suggested to raise one more tax in Russia

The rector of the Higher School of Economics (HSE) Yaroslav Kuzminov has said that for citizens with income higher than five million rubles a year an income tax (personal income tax) need to be established of 20%. – I consider fair if the burden of expenses is shared by the most achieved categories of the population due to increase in a rate of a personal income tax up to 20% from income over five million rubles a year, – Kuzminov has told. The rector is sure that increase in a tax will bring about 50 billion rubles in the budget. – Not the biggest money, but it is a certain gesture which we have to make in relation to the unprotected segments of the population. They have to see that those who were lucky bear big social loading, – Kuzminov has noted. He has cited as an example population survey which has been conducted by HSE. The statistics has shown that a half of citizens of Russia is ready to pay surtaxes "for the solution of public problems", reports. We will remind, earlier in Russia have increased VAT rate percent. Photo: Google.Images to Share: tax personal income tax Russia