Date: 8 months ago   Category: Society

Haven't issued to the resident of Novokuznetsk with criminal record the international passport and he has appealed to the prosecutor's office

In Novokuznetsk the prosecutor's office of the Factory area has organized check because of the complaint to refusal in issue of the international passport. In June of the 2018th the man has appealed to Department of questions of migration to issue him the passport, but have refused to him because the applicant had criminal record. Public prosecutor's check has established that the man was brought to trial and has been released after departure of punishment in 2015. Concerning him have established administrative supervision for three years. It is noted that the person can not be let out from the country if he is condemned for commission of crime, before departure or release from punishment. For violation of the law officials are brought to disciplinary responsibility, have issued to the resident of Novokuznetsk the passport, have reported in the press service of prosecutor's office of the Kemerovo region. Photo: Google.Images to Share: international passport Kuzbass Novokuznetsk refusal check prosecutor's office criminal record