Date: 9 months ago   Category: Science

"Hippopotamus" has played the car

The Kuzbass network of supermarkets "Hippopotamus" has played the car in the action "The foreign car for ice cream of Inmarko. The first prize, brand new Renault Logan of 2018 of release, has left out of borders of Kemerovo. It was won by simple and modest family of Oshchepkov from the settlement of Yashkino. The retail chain stores organize competitions with large and valuable prizes for the buyers regularly. Household appliances, electronics, mobile phones, tablets, navigators, tours, weekend tours – all this already was, and here the Hippopotamus car has presented for the first time. Under the terms of an action within June-July visitors of shops bought ice cream from the partner of a stock of Inmarko for the sum of 200 rubles, filled out special coupons, lowered him together with checks in a promotional box and waited for summing up a competition. The draw has taken place in the Kemerovo recreation park "Antoshka" in the past weekend. "Hippopotamus" has organized for guests of the park the real celebration with the incendiary program from the cheerful leader, dances, competitions, a face painting, a show of soap bubbles. In the ending of a holiday the first prize – the car and also the coffee machine and certificates in Begemot shops for the sum of 1.000 rubles and 2.000 rubles has been played. Oshchepkov' family, happy owners of fresh Renault Logan, have already taken away the prize which was awarded in a festive atmosphere him at office of retail chain stores Begemot. Also have left on him home. "We still are under great impression from the fact that have won the car. We never trusted in any actions and to us it was never lucky, but here have decided to test good luck and Begemot hasn't deceived us. We have just bought ice cream to the children as we usually do it, and became winners! We are overflowed by emotions! Thanks to Begemot and Inmarko for a smart prize and tasty ice cream!" – Anna Oshchepkova has shared emotions. To share: As advertizing