Date: 7 months ago   Category: Society

Housing and communal services have warned citizens of Kazan about fast exhaustion of drinking water supply

The head of Vodokanal Municipal Unitary Enterprise in Kazan Andrey Egorov has said that he of water, suitable for drink, in the city can not appear in the near future because of pollution of natural resources. Egorov has read the assumption at an excursion with deputies of City Council on the Volga water intake, reports According to him, negligent attitude of citizens of Kazan to natural resources within the next 50 years can result in serious deficiency of drinking water in the city and the region. The director of Vodokanal has noted that already today it is possible to observe negative consequences. He has shown to deputies that water on the first rise has a yellow shade and leaves a deposit. Egorov has emphasized that not all fault lies with residents. According to him, small financing leads to the fact that outdated networks spoil quality of water, delivering the purified liquid in cranes of consumers in a state, of little use for drink. Photo: VSE42.Ru to Share: water pollution Kazan shortage resources