Date: 9 months ago   Category: Incidents

Hundreds of passengers of the plane from the UAE have placed on a quarantine in the USA

The passengers of Emirates airline taking flight 203 from Dubai to New York have in large quantities got sick. The Flightradar24 portal has reported about it. Patients had symptoms of a respiratory disease – cough and temperature higher than 37,7. ​Пилот has reported about feeling sick of the people who are onboard therefore at John Kennedy's airport the liner was met by the staff of the Center for control and prevention of diseases and police officers. On a quarantine have placed about 500 people, at the same time the crew has left the aircraft. As a result of the carried-out medical examination 19 patients have been revealed. "All passengers have left a board and have been examined. 19 we are sick. Ten people are placed in hospital, other nine have refused medical care", – the press secretary of the mayor of New York Eric Phillips has written on the Twitter. One of passengers has made a photo of a window and has published it in Network. the priroda of a disease is still unknown. Photo: Twitter to Share: Dubai quarantine New York of the UAE passengers plane of the USA of a photo