Date: 10 months ago   Category: Incidents

Ignition has happened at shopping center in Novokuznetsk

In the morning on Wednesday in Novokuznetsk the trade pavilion has flashed. Into place the staff of the Ministry of Emergency Situations left. Early in the morning on Wednesday, August 15, near shopping center "Moll's City" on Kirov Street the trade pavilion has lit up. Eyewitnesses have shared pictures in Network. – The signal has arrived from eyewitnesses, fire-fighting crews have into place left. Now operation on suppression continues. The preliminary version of the reason of ignition – short circuit, – have told VSE42.Ru in the regional Ministry of Emergency Situations. About victims and scales of the fire at the moment there is no information. Photo: NK.Life to Share: Kirov Ministry of Emergency Situations Novokuznetsk fire of city mall shopping center of a photo