Date: 6 months ago   Category: Incidents

Ill-minded women by means of a "magic" needle have stolen 1,2 million rubles at the resident of Novokuznetsk

In Novokuznetsk have put on the wanted list of two women who are suspected of stealing at the pensioner of the large sum of money. The pensioner from Novokuznetsk has paid for the trustfulness. According to regional media, the stranger who "has seen" on her damage has a few days ago approached the 85-year-old woman. Later one more woman who began to thank "healer" for disposal of a misfortune has approached them. Together ladies have persuaded the elderly townswoman to be checked for damage existence. – For this purpose one of ill-minded women has given to the pensioner a needle and has asked to squeeze her in a hand and to take. The townswoman has carried out all instructions and when has unclenched a palm, has found out that the needle has turned black. The woman was frightened and has agreed to a healing session from damage, – have reported in the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs. Swindlers have demanded to bring all money to clean them, otherwise means will turn into dust. The woman has believed and for has several times brought to cheats totally 1 200 000 rubles. Speculators have taken money and ordered to go to the victim home, without looking back and to return every other day behind the already clean property. The townswoman has obeyed, but next day on the specified place hasn't met acquaintances. Only then she has understood that she was deceived. Law enforcement officers have made an identikit of suspects. All who have recognized them can report by phones: 8-(3843)-45-42-52, 45-14-20, 45-77-99 or 02. Photo: To Share the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Kemerovo region: fortuneteller fraud Novokuznetsk pensioner of a photo