Date: 8 months ago   Category: Sport

In Cleveland have installed refrigerators with beer which will open in case of a victory of the unlucky soccer team

It is noted that for two last seasons the Cleveland Brauns team has won only one victory so fans can not wait for some free beer. On August 14, 2018 the Bud Light company has installed in the American city "clever" refrigerators with free alcohol which will open only in case of a victory of local team on the American soccer. – It will be amusing to become a part of city celebrations when the club at last wins, – have reported in the company which has installed refrigerators, and fans have noted that they can wait for some free beer never. Last time football players won in December, 2016, and before – in December against the 2015th. At the same time representatives of the company have assured that beer will change before the expiration of expiration dates so it won't deteriorate in case of continuation of a series of failures of team. Photo: Google.Images to Share: American soccer Cleveland bad luck beer victory of defeat of the USA of a photo refrigerators