Date: 9 months ago   Category: Society

In commemoration of the 300 anniversary of Kuzbass in Kemerovo will plant 300 trees

300 trees of coniferous breeds will be planted by residents of Kemerovo in honor of the 300 anniversary of Kuzbass. So, today, on October 12, in the settlement of Promyshlennovskom miners veterans and representatives of labor dynasties will meet at 12:00. They will land 50 cedars and 50 young firs in the square on Varyazhskaya Street. For guests of honor and volunteers of an action the administration of the settlement prepared "miner's тормозок" and hot tea. Also young fir-trees will appear on avenues October, Shakhterov and Himikov, on odd side of Gagarin Street at structures No. 151 and 153, on Antipov St., 4, Bagration St., 15A, Promshosse St., 13A, st. the Silver pine forest, 13A, Svoboda St., 37. Photo: VSE42.Ru to Share: 300 anniversary of Kuzbass city tree cedar of Kemerovo fir landing