Date: 6 months ago   Category: Culture

In Kemerovo decade of actions by National Unity Day starts

Within ten days in Kemerovo there will be actions devoted to National Unity Day. So, on November 1 in the Square of arts on Kommunisticheskaya Street the gala concert "Among the friends" will begin at 15:00. Ensembles "Russian Patterns", "Duslyk" and the Center of the German culture will take part in him. On November 2 residents of Kemerovo will write the Big ethnographic dictation, and in Palace of culture of miners the forum of folklore creativity "Friendship of the people – unity of Kuzbass will take place!". On November 3 in Sodruzhestvo Palace of culture on Novogodnyaya Street, 15 A, there will pass evening of companionship "In beat favourite melodies" for representatives of the senior generation. On November 4 across all city there will pass concert and sporting events and also the museums, theaters and libraries will open the doors for participants of the All-Russian action "Night of Arts". On November 5 in the park of Vera Voloshina there will pass the cycle race, and the library marathon "Will finish a ten-day campaign all of us are equal" on November 12, the Kemerovo mayor's office reports. Photo: VSE42.Ru to Share: cycle race evening decade National Unity Day dictation of Kemerovo recreation Center concert Kuzbass action square forum