Date: 10 months ago   Category: Science

India plans to send the person to space independently

The prime minister of India has said that no later than 2022 it is planned to send the piloted mission to space. He has told about it during the performance at the celebration of the 71 anniversary of independence of the country. – By 2022 or earlier the Indian astronaut – the son or the daughter of India – will go to space. One of us will bring a tricolor in space to celebrate the 75 anniversary from the date of independence of India, – the prime minister has said. If India manages to realize the plans, then it will become the fourth country of the world which has sent the person to space. The mission will receive the name "Gaganyaan".

of RBC notes that in October, 2019 Delhi intends to send to the Moon a mission of "Chandrayan-2" as a part of orbital and landing modules with a six-wheel moon rover onboard. The equipment will be engaged in search of helium-3 and water within at least 14 days. Photo: Google.Images to Share: India weeds space