Date: 2 months ago   Category: Incidents

Inhabitants Obluchya complained of types of human corpses from windows of houses

The city hospital to JAO moved from the central region to the outskirts. The morgue remained on the old place, directly in the neighbourhood with houses. Citizens complain that corpses of people periodically leave on the street, near the playground. Inhabitants Obluchya are forced to wait for 2020 – then, the chief physician, on the place of new location of the central district hospital said, the pathoanatomical office will be built. So far citizens should live in apartments with the windows coming to the building of a morgue at an entrance to which sometimes store the died people. Locals told EAOMedia news Agency that periodically doors of establishment, directly on the street, have mattresses from under dead men. One of townswomen even said that she became the witness to the terrifying picture – in the afternoon, approximately during the lunchtime, employees of a morgue allegedly unloaded a corpse to an entrance to the building and left behind keys. All the time, while they were in way, anyone could see the dead body lying on air. – How many I time passed there – never saw that something was thrown out on the earth near the building. Concerning a claim that corpses leave at morgue doors – I too for the first time about it hear. Nevertheless, I will submit these questions for discussion today with employees who work there, I will place emphasis on it, – the chief physician commented to journalists. He specified that the hospital was handed over with serious defects. For this reason the neighbourhoods with a morgue to citizens not to avoid yet. Photo: EAOMedia Podelitsya news Agency: hospital of JAO Obluchye's morgue photo corpses