Date: 6 months ago   Category: Science

"Is colder, than on the street": the inhabitant of Kuzbass complained of transport

In one of communities in VKontakte the inhabitant of Kuzbass told about poor quality of service in local transport. – Generally I went here under the own steam to a forest glade. Tin just I remembered the school life when went by accordions – they are refrigerators! Several flights go and not in one there is no oven! In the 173rd the oven was but it hardly as warmed the conductor's bottom! In salon it was so cold that even legs froze! And it for 21 rubles! – the inhabitant of Kuzbass who wished to remain anonymous told, having added that "it is not serious!" (the style is kept). Also the woman noted that she "understands that in most cases there by cars people", but "saw today several school students to whom was oh as not hot too!". In comments users advised "to put on more warmly", also the Photo: VSE42.Ru to Share: Kemerovo Kuzbass Forest glade temperature transport cold