Date: 9 months ago   Category: Incidents

ISIL has taken the responsibility for knifing in the suburb of Versailles

On Thursday, August 23, in the town of Trapp in the suburb of Versailles the man a knife has wounded three passersby on the street. The extremist group ISIL forbidden in Russia has taken the responsibility for attack. The Islamic State group (IS, it is forbidden in the Russian Federation) has taken the responsibility for, occurred on Thursday in the suburb of Paris, attack on people. The Le Figaro newspaper writes about it. The mentally unstable man has attacked passersby with a knife. Mother and the sister of the attacker became the victims. The third wounded is in hospital. The edition notes that the IS doesn't provide any proofs that the attacker has been connected with this group in the statement. It is known that Kamel S. worked as the bus driver, but has been dismissed. – This is not the terrorist, this is the guy who has broken, – the neighbor Kamelya says. The gendarmerie analyzes attack and doesn't characterize it as terrorist attack. Photo: Google.Images to Share: Versailles victims attack knife suburb terrorist attack France extremism