Date: 8 months ago   Category: Politics

Israel has rejected the version of Russia about air crash Il-20

The Israeli Air Force has stated that their fighters didn't hide behind the Russian Il-20 plane which is lined with the Syrian air defenses. About it military have written on official Twitter account of department, having emphasized that they have beforehand warned the Air Force of the Russian Federation about combat operation. – Exhaustive, exact and actual details are known to the corresponding professionals in the Russian armed forces, and they clearly demonstrate that the dekonfliktatsionny mechanism has been involved in relevant time as it is used the last two and a half years, and the Israeli Air Force didn't hide behind any plane, – the text of the statement gives RIA Novosti. We will remind that, according to the Russian Defense Ministry, on September 18 the Russian Il-20 plane with 15 crew members has been onboard shot down during conducting the military operation of the Israeli Air Force at the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. According to official representatives of department, the tragedy has happened because of deception by the Israeli air defenses planes of Syria. Photo: The Russian Defense Ministry to Share: military Israel Il-20 Russia Syria plane