Date: 2 months ago   Category: Politics

Japan expects from Russia the solution of a question with "military compensations"

The Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Konno said that signing a peace treaty with Russia assumes the final decision of a question of "military compensations". The head of the Japanese Foreign Ministry made such statement on Tuesday, February 12, during the debate in the budgetary commission of parliament, TASS reports. – In theories, signing a peace treaty includes the termination of a state of war, the solution of a territorial problem and also the problems connected with military compensations, – the agency quotes the minister. At the same time Konno did not specify about what compensations he speaks and what party, according to him, has to pay them. It is noted that the prime minister of Japan Shinzo Abe at the same meeting said that the peace treaty will be signed only after final legislative fixing of borders with Russia near Kuriles. The land of the rising sun, he specified, still counts on the southern part – Kunashir, Iturup, Shikotan and the small archipelago which Japan considers for the uniform island. Photo: Pixabay to Share: military compensations Kuriles Japan