Date: 10 months ago   Category: Incidents

Japan prepare for the strongest volcanic eruption

Japan has created the crisis headquarters in communication in high probability of the strongest volcanic eruption in the southwest of the country. The head meteorological department of Japan has reported about a possibility of a strong volcanic eruption on the island of Kutinoerabu. According to them, a similar incident can lead to catastrophic consequences in those places where people live. – Epicenter of pushes is almost now in the same place where it was at eruption in May, 2015. The volcanic activity can amplify even more, – has reported management. At the moment in this area hold events for preparation for evacuation. The citizens living in radius of three kilometers from Xingdake volcano ask to observe extreme care as falling of big volcanic stones and a current of a lava is possible, RIA Novosti reports. We will remind, in May, 2015 on Kutinoerab the volcanic eruption has unexpectedly begun. All population from the island was evacuated. People could return to the houses only in December of the same year. Photo: Google.Images to Share: volcano eruption evacuation Japan