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Jennifer Lopez has fallen before fans at the concert

Jennifer Lopez has fallen on the stage during the concert in Las Vegas. Jennifer Lopez Falls On Stage During Vegas Residency Performance ICAgICAgICA8aWZyYW1lIHNyYz0iLy93d3cueW91dHViZS5jb20vZW1iZWQvUXZzdlM3QURKZnM/Zj12aWRlb3MmYXV0b3BsYXk9MSIgZnJhbWVib3JkZXI9IjAiCiAgICAgICAgICAgICAgICBhbGxvd2Z1bGxzY3JlZW4 PC9pZnJhbWU CiAgICAgICAg the TMZ Edition has posted video where the incident of the pop star is imprinted. The singer welcomed the fans, running high-heeled on the stage edge. To touch hands of admirers, Jennifer bent and at some point hasn't kept balance and has fallen to the stage. Quickly oriented admirer has offered to the singer a hand and has helped to rise. Without ceasing to smile, the star has swollen up and has continued a performance. – Don't wash a hand, bro! – advises the edition to the admirer who has offered J Lo's hand. After the show Jessica Alba, Duah Lipa, Becky Dzhi, Sofia Vergara and the friend Jennifer Alex Rodriguez have come behind the scenes to support the singer and to popozirovat for a photoshoot. Photo: To Share TMZ: video by Jennifer Lopez concert admirer scene fans