Date: 9 months ago   Category: Culture

Kashpirovsky has tried to condemn Channel One for the photo in "Evening Urgant"

Anatoly Kashpirovsky has appealed to court with the requirement to pay him compensation for the collage placed in the Evening Urgant broadcast on which the face of the psychic is connected to a body of a cat. The image was shown in the telecast in January, 2017. Ivan Urgant has submitted the image, commenting on news about sale of a cat psychic for five million rubles in Blagoveshchensk. A year later Kashpirovsky has submitted a claim against Channel One. Ostankino Court of Moscow has rejected it. At the moment Kashpirovsky's protection wants to appeal against the decision. According to the lawyer, the Channel One has received consent to Kashpirovsky's image for the telecast "Alone with All", and then used him for a collage. The psychic demands to pay him compensation in 500 thousand rubles and also he insists on that he wasn't called the psychic as he calls himself the psychotherapist, TJ reports. Photo: Google.Images to Share: kashpirovsky Channel One of a photo