Date: 2 months ago   Category: Economy

Kemerovo took the second place among the cities of the SFD at the cost of multiroom apartments

Experts analysed the market of secondary housing in Siberia and made the rating of the cities on availability of multiroom apartments. Kemerovo took a high position. Experts of the CYANOGEN portal studied offers in category of secondary housing and found out that if desired it is possible to find the four-room apartment at the affordable price. So, the cheapest four-room apartments can be found in Omsk – from 1.3 million rubles for housing of 60 sq.m. Kemerovo got the second place, here the cheapest option of 61 sq.m worth 1.65 million rubles, is located on Initsiativnaya Street. On the third place Barnaul – 1.8 million rubles for 60.4 sq.m. The most expensive apartments in Irkutsk: there the prices begin from 2.7 million rubles for 62.1 sq.m. Photo: VSE42.Ru to Share: apartments of Kemerovo rating