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Known according to the movie "Paternoster" демонолог Lorraine Warren died

The famous researcher of the paranormal phenomena Lorraine Warren who was a prototype and the inspirer of popular horror films died in the USA. The grandson Warren Chris Makkinnel told that his grandmother died at the beginning of this week. Demonologu was 92 years old. – My grandmother, Lorraine Warren, peacefully and quietly joined the beloved Eda. She was happy and laughed till the end, – Makkinnela TMZ quotes. Work of researchers paranormal Lorraine and Eda Warren inspired authors of such movies as "Horror of Ammitivil", "Paternoster" and "Annabel's Damnation". In two the last Lorraine's character were embodied by the actress Vera Pharmiga. Couple also created the museum in which "damned" objects became exhibits. Photo: to Share: демонолог paternoster Lorain Warren