Date: 6 months ago   Category: Politics

Kuzbass can be returned to structure of the Novosibirsk region

The Kemerovo politician has assumed that Kuzbass by 2035 at a certain combination of circumstances can be a part of the Novosibirsk region again. The businessman from Kemerovo Oleg Maltsev during the interview of RBC has said that on a round table which will pass on November 1 in Novosibirsk and on which will discuss the development strategy "Kuzbass-2035" can bring up a question of accession of the Kemerovo region to Novosibirsk – as was till 1943. The businessman has given as arguments that the distance between the capitals of the neighboring regions is similar to what between Kemerovo and Novokuznetsk and also financial interest of key political figures. Before Maltsev have expelled from United Russia, having explained it with the fact that that didn't appear on party actions and offered the ideas which "have nothing in common neither with the party program, nor with reality". Photo: tv.rbc to Share: Kemerovo Kemerovo region Novosibirsk region Oleg Maltsev