Date: 8 months ago   Category: Incidents

Kuzbassovets has died in road accident with KamAZ on the highway

In Novokuznetsk on Ilyinskoye Highway there was a road accident with cars the VAZ and KAMAZ. The day before at 19:25 in Novokuznetsk there was a road accident with the VAZ-21074 and KAMAZ cars. – The driver of VAZ-21074 moved on Ilyinskoye Highway towards the Central district. At a turn from the right edge of the carriageway VAZ hasn't given way to the KamAZ truck therefore has made with him collision. the 65-year-old man steering the VAZ has died. According to preliminary data, road accident has happened through his fault, – the press service of UGIBDD of Kuzbass reports. It is noted that the driver of KamAZ hasn't suffered. Department urges drivers to be attentive and careful on roads and at commission of maneuver to be convinced of its safety and also not to make rash sharp maneuvers. Photo: City N to Share: accident VAZ of road accident Ilyinskoye Highway photo Novokuznetsk KamAZ