Date: 7 months ago   Category: Society

Kuzbassovets will appear before the court for the fact that he "has glanced on a visit" to the sister

Investigation of criminal case concerning the previously convicted 60-year-old resident of Krapivinsky district who is accused of illegal penetration into the dwelling of the sister is ended. Within investigation of criminal case it has been established that the defendant earlier repeatedly served sentences in places of detention, I didn't work anywhere, abused alcoholic drinks. In June the drunk defendant has come to the sister to talk about accommodation in her house. Relatives didn't maintain the relation. The woman has closed doors from within on the lock, but the brother a leg has beaten out an entrance door and has passed to the house. The hostess has run out on the street and has asked for the help neighbors who have called police officers. Though before arrival of police officers the uninvited guest has left, the victim has written the application for involvement of the brother to responsibility for illegal penetration into her dwelling. Now criminal case is directed to court for consideration on the merits. Photo: Google.Images to Share: brother breaking door sister