Date: 11 months ago   Category: Society

Kuzbassovtsa accidentally became "black" woodcutters

Two residents of Kuzbass were put on trial for illegal cutting of trees. They have explained the act with topographical cretinism. Before new 2018 two residents of the Kemerovo region have decided to earn additionally on sale of fir-trees. For this purpose they have employed two men to whom they paid on 50 rubles for one tree. As a result workers from December 1 to December 12 last year have prepared 113 fir-trees near the settlement of Staroabashevo of the Novokuznetsk area. Law enforcement authorities who have detained businessmen knew of illegal deforestation. Total amount of damage was about 77 000 rubles which defendants have completely compensated, reports "City N". However malefactors haven't admitted the guilt. According to them, they had a contract with forestry. They have explained the act with the fact that badly knew the area and have mixed the site. Threatens defendants up to seven years of imprisonment. Photo: Google.Images to Share: cutting black woodcutters ate cretinism the wood the Novokuznetsk area